What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

A good understandable, fondatet report could be a mighty sales-instrument. Not everybody is able to do this. It is not enough to row up good sounding words. For a good story you must understand what you are writing. You must see, speak with people, understand.

With ARGE | reportage a network of the best special journalists is available. They are masters of their professions, have master degrees, engineering schools and studys. And they can write about all, can bring all off this to paper, make TV and images.

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ARGE | reportage

ARGE | reportage is a network of specialist journalists, organised as a cooperative based on the model of the famous photo agency Magnum. A back office deals with the organisation, creates offers, coordinates meetings and trips. So that the specialist journalists can concentrate on the essential – your company, your customers, your story…

The aim here is for a high standard of quality in order to counter the trend of articles that have been produced quickly and in a sloppy manner and are devoid of content. We invite colleagues who stand out for their good, lovingly produced stories and their specialist expertise to collaborate with us. Initially as a correspondent and then, if the chemistry in the team is right, also as a permanent employee. ARGE | reportage is a family that shares a common trait: enthusiasm for and a love of what they do.

Sonja Balazs
Robert Kittel
Raimund Leitzinger

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How does that work?

You tell us what we are to report on – and then you can lean back and relax…

We will do the rest for you. Coordination of meetings, selection of suitable formats from print to YouTube, research, photos or filming, writing texts or film editing. You will then receive the finished report for appraisal and we will of course also deal with the approval from your customer. In addition, we look after the method of provision – as convenient downloads for editorial staff, in social media, for your web presence or the presentation of your field sales team. 

Making of an ARGE | Reportage movie @ Robert Kittel

What can we produce?

  • Video reports are still a very young area but the rapid development of YouTube and Vimeo also means a demand for content. Hardly any other area is better suited to explain complex technical processes than moving pictures. And authentic, journalistically correct interviews are more credible than advertising texts. The new generation of young decision makers has grown up with these media. They use social media entirely as a matter of course. Today, therefore, public relations no longer entails sending out meaningless Word documents or video images supported by elevator music that are pretty to look at but devoid of content. It means reaching new, younger target groups with a video produced in a professional journalistic manner.
  • Reports for your press activities. Our specialist area is the timber industry, the most important economic sector in Austria after tourism. We are at home in this area. But we are also familiar with associated topics such as tool and mechanical engineering – whether in the sawmill or a joinery. 
  • Interesting image, annual or product reports and presentations. Written with respect towards the readers. The fundamental points are formulated in an easy-to-understand but not primitive way.
  • Content for blogs, corporate websites or social media. With a focus on content. The best stories come from the people who buy your products. They are always new, always different and there is never a shortage of material. If you, for instance, put the production system of a customer into operation, we are also on site and report on the event – and you never have a shortage of material for your blog.
  • Graphic and web design: we not only write; in the network, there are also experienced, creative media designers. Because visually appealing, well-packaged content enhances the professionalism of your presence.

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